Conference Topics

Conference Topics 2019-02-18T16:38:45+02:00
  1. The History of the Cyprus Issue
  2. The Cyprus Issue Today
    1. Stalemate of the Negotiation Process
    2. Contemporary Socio-political Problems in TRNC
  3. Future of the Cyprus Issue
    1. The changing role of the UN: Rethinking the UN Good Offices and Peacekeeping Mission in Cyprus
    2. Is a Federal Partnership Feasible and Sustainable in the Political/Historical Context of Cyprus
    3. What are Alternative Settlement Options for Cyprus?
    4. Cyprus Question within the context of regional and international dynamics
  4. Energy and Hydrocarbon Issues and Their Impact.
  5. Possible effects of water transferred from Turkey to North Cyprus on Eastern Mediterranean hydro-politics.
    1. Advantages for Turkey
    2. Advantages for the TRNC
    3. The effects on the solution of the Cyprus problem in the event that water is shared with South Cyprus
    4. The effect of potential water transfer to Middle Eastern and Gulf countries by additional pipelines on regional peace
  6. The Soft Power capabilities of North Cyprus/ TRNC
    1. Higher Education (Universities)
    2. Tourism
    3. Public relations, interest groups and lobbying
    4. Alliance building
    5. New economic opportunities
    6. New reforms in law, settlement, investment, and citizenship
  7. The Cyprus Issue and the European Union integration process.
    1. Direct Trade Regulation
    2. Green Line Regulation
    3. EU financial aid
    4. Future of the EU and the Cyprus Question
  8. The impact of inhuman economic, social and sportive restrictions imposed on North Cyprus.
  9. The representation of the Turkish Cypriot Community in international institutions.
    1. OIC: The Organization of Islamic Conference
    2. Council of Europe: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe(PACE)
  10. The Cyprus Issue and Mass Media.
  11. The role and importance of Cyprus in the new security concept of the EU and of Turkey.
  12. The effects of political psychology on the Cyprus issue.
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